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no hit run of Clash 1-1 and got full stars!

That's nice. I hope you had fun playing.



I played this game years ago! Good to see you're still out there :D




Sonic meets Kirby and they fused together to make this awesome game!  I can't wait to play it!


The combat is pretty good. Never found myself just pressing "S" constantly; there's always a time to block, roll, special attack, and homing attack


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Your level design is brutal man, i loved it!!!!

U have any tips on how to think about this? u're awesome!!!

Fabulous! ❤️



thanks for playing


the graphics are amazing

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The graphics are just wow. It reminds me of Sonic in style. A Mac version would be great


A fast paced platformer with deep stylish combat. Very addictive and replayable.




Mildor's Plume 10/10


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Can't wait!!


This is going to be a full game?


This was incredibly cool! Just a few thoughts:

The music loop is only around 50 seconds, but the levels are several minutes long. It can get kind of grating to hear the music repeated so much.

I also wanted to let you know that I got stuck in this spot-- I had moved the box to the left as far as it would go, and then I could no longer get on top of the box, making it impossible for me to finish the level!

Good luck with the full version!


Up+B in midair: UFO Kick/double jump

Thanks for playing the game! All the music are placeholders but yes, that's something to keep in mind.

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I deperately want deep down in my soul for this game to get new levels and to get a steam release. It's soo good it can have a following. You're almost there! Dingdong would even feature the game on his twitter since he's aware of it.

I keep seeing new version updates for this game, is there anything being added to it?

Hey.. I need a bit of help, how do I "press start" I press enter but nothing happens, I've been able to play it only once and I don't remember what button I pressed. I tried pressing all the buttons but I get nothing please HELp

Delete the file "last" from the Data\Profiles folder. This will force the game to start from the control settings screen.


Honestly, from what I've seen this is good enough to be released as a full game as is. It just needs some more content and a few slightly more original sound and sprite assets. The fast pace seems to work really well and the combat feels crunchy and kinetic. It takes what Freedom Planet did with combat and runs much further, however it sacrifices some of the platforming which that game was built around. With this complex physics engine that allows the player to cling on the ceiling and stuff, some extra platforming challenges would work wonders. I also think that getting the player to find upgrades slowly to increase your abilities to what they are in this demo (maybe more? *wink wink* *nudge nudge*) would allow the player a much easier time in getting acquainted with all the mechanics. Overall, very solid and I can't wait to buy this one on Steam when its done.

This is really awesome! A few things I'd say to do are make a tutorial level where it explains how the Item and Shot work. I was able to figure it out, but it should still be more clear. It's a very good mechanic though. Another thing, mostly a nitpick on my part, but I think the main character is very generic looking. Maybe give them a hat or something, just to diminish the similarities to Kirby. That being said, the graphics are very crisp and vibrant, the gameplay is fast paced, and I cant wait to see this game further enhanced!

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I really suck at this one. But i don't get how one is supposed to approach knife goons, their attacks are rapid and not telegraphed, but the worst offender are flamethrower thingies. They can do their thing right out of stun and chef through your hp like knife through butter. I tried to juggle them but character's reach is just silly. Maybe a good tutorial will help, i don't know, but i can't complete the demo cause of flamethrowers.  Also rolling is useless and makes blocking really difficult.

"i don't get how one is supposed to approach knife goons, their attacks are rapid and not telegraphed"

They very clearly whip out the knife, show it and pull it over their heads for several frames before swinging it. 

"They can do their thing right out of stun and chef through your hp like knife through butter. "

That's the point. I want the flamethrower robot to be the one enemy that presents a real threat. 

"I tried to juggle them but character's reach is just silly."

The standard air combo is Dive Kick > Air Punch > Spin Kick > Air Punch over and over infinitely or until you finish it with a heavy attack. The character's air attacks have large hitboxes and drag enemies to his position to prevent players from missing hits. 

"Also rolling is useless and makes blocking really difficult."

Rolling deals 1 hp of damage... every two frames, so it hits 3 to 5 times whenever you roll into someone. When any attack bonuses are on, what do you think happens? That aside rolling is meant to let you keep a combo going between enemy ambushes without stopping and increases the special gauge faster than it does while blocking. I have now changed it so pressing down while rolling under a certain speed makes Bolinha block, though.

I also considered making it so rolling into an enemy and jumping drags it with you, but while it is a fun concept, it does a ridiculous amount of damage (enough to kill every enemy in a single jump without stat buffs) and overshadows the entire moveset. I've cut it out for now.

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Well shit, implemented the drat move anyway. It deals half damage but hits around 20 times.  It also pierces enemy invincibility.


Made a video - 

So far this game is looking like it will be really fun. A good mix of classic platformer and beat em up games all rolled into one! Looking forward to more updates to this one. So far the only feedback besides the obvious sound files, is the menu screen at the begining when you pick your controls. I couldn't figure out how to use controller settings. I'm guessing you will be updating that with a more clean looking version in the future. Keep up the good work!

The action and combat are pretty satisfying but all of the sfx ripped from Sonic really detract from the experience. They are far too recognizable and they don't fit with the game.

Yeah, I know. I still haven't changed the default sfx from Sonic Worlds.