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Cosmic Boll is the definitive iteration of a passion project I've been thinkering with since 2007 or so. The game is a beat 'em up with slope physics built on the Sonic Worlds engine. It mainly takes inspiration from GBA beat 'em ups such as Dragon Ball Advance Adventure and Astro Boy Omega Factor.

Currently the general mechanics and the first stage are in development. Still need to add Super moves, some animations and the alternate second area for the first stage. Music and sfx are mostly placeholders.

Default controls are Arrow keys, A, S and D. Keep in mind you can parry and block attacks, do invincible dashes and juggle enemies until they're bopped outta the screen. Four elemental items are available that have different functions depending on the slot you set them on.


Cosmic Boll Proto04-3-18.zip 22 MB


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Made a video - 

So far this game is looking like it will be really fun. A good mix of classic platformer and beat em up games all rolled into one! Looking forward to more updates to this one. So far the only feedback besides the obvious sound files, is the menu screen at the begining when you pick your controls. I couldn't figure out how to use controller settings. I'm guessing you will be updating that with a more clean looking version in the future. Keep up the good work!

The action and combat are pretty satisfying but all of the sfx ripped from Sonic really detract from the experience. They are far too recognizable and they don't fit with the game.

Yeah, I know. I still haven't changed the default sfx from Sonic Worlds.