03-25-2018 changes


-Made it so you don't lose a second of Flame Item ATK+ bonus time anymore
upon getting hit.
-But now you lose 1 SP Stock anytime you get hit, except when
Super Armor is on.
-Air Spin Kick can be cancelled into Final Punch by pressing
-If you reflect a small bullet it will clear any other bullets of
the same type it comes on contact with. All the reflecting attacks
Bolinha has don't last nearly as long as Goku's pole spin or Luffy's
Gomu Gomu no Balloon, so this is a necessary workaround.

-Adjusted the animations of the Running Kick and Final Punch attacks.
-The Solar Flare effect of the bolt item had a chance of doubling the
size of all enemies on screen. Since it isn't spammable anymore, there's
no point in leaving that on. 
-Added attack bonuses for being at 0 HP or having a combo meter of at 
least 50 hits.

-Added ATK+2 bonus for rolling at a high enough speed.
-Rolling can be cancelled into blocking when speed is less than 4.

-Added a counter that displays enemy HP.


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Mar 25, 2018

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