A downloadable fangame for Windows

Project Spikepig is a Sonic fangame I've developed from 2009 to 2017, at first in response to Sonic 4 like so many others.

The current build of the game features Sonic, Tails and Knuckles and several finished zones, including beta versions of Tropical Trance and Shiver Square (press Right at the Go button on the Level Select screen to toggle them). The last one to be developed was Parabolic Pachinko.

Levels such as an abandoned amusement park, a desert level with Fang as a boss (Playable/Boss Fang basically was always among a fangamer's Holy Grails) and the two last zones after Cobalt Capital (a second fortress level mixed with ruins and the crystalized core of the planet) never went past the drawing board, unfortunately.

There are some oddball ideas such as being able to accumulate normal shields and wall-climbing as Sonic or flying as Knuckles by spending a special gauge.

The source file is also available for the curious who have Multimedia Fusion 2 or Clickteam Fusion 2.5, but do note that it was developed in a Beta build of Sonic Worlds. Look up the current version of Sonic Worlds Delta or Simple Sonic Worlds if you want to give development of momentum-based platforming a try.


Project Spikepig.zip 31 MB
SW BETA 5.0 - Project Spikepig.zip 33 MB


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Is SW BETA 5.0 - PS the latest release?

That's the source code that runs on Multimedia Fusion. Sorry for the confusing filename.

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Can you please update your source file? Whenever I download it says it's corrupted and has an unexpected end.

Should work now. Thanks for the warning.